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Building A Better World, One Domain At A Time
By Shaun Cronrath

Can one domain make a difference? Issues like homelessness, politics, war, and inequality seem so huge that it's easy to feel powerless. That helpless feeling seems to depart, however, as soon as you visit; you discover that you not only have the power to be a solution to the world's problems, but you have the opportunity to stand up for the causes of a better world. Read on to learn what is up to and how they are helping build a better world one domain at a time.

Not only can a domain have a direct impact on the world, but it also sends a message to others by inspiring them to take action that creates opportunities for positive social change on a local and global level. Who better to illustrate how much a domain can impact the world than Michael Mann, who in 2002 started, a provider of free Internet and business services, i.e. domain names, hosting, email and consulting, to qualified charities.

Michael Mann and is planning on changing the world slowly but surely by getting critical social facts to people throughout the world thanks to their 600+ domain names. They have a unique vision and understanding that the Internet has the power to make the world a safer, happier, healthier place by using advanced business and communications tools like domain names, to gain leverage in spreading usable social information. This strategy seems to be working as their vast network of associated domain names are attracting loads of traffic and receiving positive visitor comments.

Michael Mann is the executive director and founder of, a clearinghouse for the best selection of domain names to build upon for humanitarian purposes to enable non-profits and everyday citizens to conduct their charitable activities online as efficiently as possible. In the past, he has turned his business efficiency and marketing expertise into a series of successful online companies, founding an Internet ISP in 1994 (later sold to Verio, Inc. in 1998) and currently residing as President of and Chairman of Over the last few years, Michael has been involved with charities for a number of organizations including working with the homeless, political action groups, and having the proud achievement of serving as a volunteer Chairman for a non-profit organization called Byte Back, which operates eight computer training centers serving the poor and unemployed in the inner-city.

As an expert in the domain industry, which is illustrated by his position as president of, Michael is supporting many causes by supplying 501c3 non-profit organizations an opportunity to co-develop on a selection of 600+ domain names to build upon for humanitarian purposes, including domains like,,, and more. Michael's actions at is helping the world grow from the ground up, which in the Internet terms means using a domain name as the foundation for each cause.'s understanding of the power behind a highly brand-able domain name is evident in its strategy to improve the world's current social, political, and economic problems.

A prime example of this power can be seen at, a domain name that was supplied and co-developed by According to, EarthCare's domain name has been a key contributor to getting the group's message heard: to educate and inspire youth to care for their communities and the Earth. Their web site is helping educate youth to create lifestyles that are beneficial to the natural environment by engaging them in programs that implement innovative environmental solutions., with the help of, demonstrates that a domain name and web site have the power to communicate meaningful messages and information that are contributing towards building a better world.

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