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Lynna Landstreet, principal of Spider Silk Design , a Toronto-based Web consultancy, notes that finding a reliable hosting can be a difficult task. This is because hosting companies focusing on the higher-end corporate market often overlook the fast-growing SOHO sector. For this reason, finding quality Web hosting can be challenge, especially for individuals and small-to-medium businesses on a limited budget. Finding reliable hosting is possible however if a small business takes the following steps:

Clarify Needs

  1. Determine how much disk space and bandwidth is necessary?
  2. Will you require CGI or database capacities?
    What operating system will you need?
  3. Will you have streaming media requirements?
  4. Will you site change substantially in the future?
  5. Are you searching for hosting only for your purposes or for clients?
    Gather Recommendations
  6. Be wary of web hosting directories; many are owned by Web hosts
  7. Obtain opinions from those who have Web sites
  8. Query trade associations and mailing lists
  9. Create a shortlist
  10. Make a list of hosts that you see are recommended the most; and complained about the least
  11. Determine which hosts offer specific services that you need, with scalability for future changes
  12. Determine which host fits your price range
  13. Ask Questions
  14. Ask hosting firms technical question to guage their knowledge and accuracy
  15. Ask a lot of question to determine the host's commitment to customers
  16. Subject host to an honesty test: offer them the opportunity to up sell you needlessly

Small business may feel most comfortable with small hosts who better understand their needs
Do not be seduced by hosts offering more than you need and then skimps on support
Note the price of affordable hosting is often that the customer is expected to be technically knowledgeable and self-sufficient
Choose a host who is flexibility, scalable, and who can grow with your business
Ensure that you can add domains to a core plan and resell services
Ensure that the host offers a knowledge base
Check to ensure that the host offers some level of interaction
Watch for signs of rudeness, impatience and unresponsiveness
Do not sign a long-term contact for hosting services right away
If you have more than one site, consider spreading them among several hosts.

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