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Use Free PR to Build Web Site Traffic
By Douglas Hanna, Visit Author's Website

If you're looking to build traffic to your web site, there's a great, free tool. It's called a PR or publicity release.

PR or public relations can take many forms. But the easiest and most common kind of PR is called a publicity release or PR release. They're easy to prepare and, if picked up, by other media, can increase traffic to your web site dramatically.

What is a PR release?

A PR release is basically a short article about your web site or some aspect of your site. For example, I wrote a release recently titled “New HD Radio-dedicated Web Site Debuts.” Its purpose was simply to announce my new web site. It totaled 400 words and was distributed by two different, free PR web sites.

How to get your release picked up by the media

If you want your release to be picked up by ezines and other web sites, it's important that it be “newsy.” In other words, the release must contain real news about something that would be of interest to other people. For example, launching a new web site devoted to weight loss products would interest many people and would have a good chance of getting picked up. On the other hand, changing the look and feel of your web site might make you feel good but you have to ask yourself, “how many other people would care?”

What else might be newsworthy? You could do a release on the addition of new products or services to your web site. For example, if your web site is devoted to information about bed & breakfasts in your area and you add a section on resorts, this could make a good release. Other ideas for releases include the addition of a new line of products to your web site, a new, interactive database or a new idea – such as a new training regime for long-distance runners.

You've no doubt heard the KIS formula for success in many endeavers -- or Keep It Simple. Well, in the world of publicity releases, the winning formula is just as simple -- KINS or Keep It Newsy.

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