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By Prabhjot Kaur

Link Popularity is the one of the most important attribute for the SEO. Link Popularity means popularizing a particular link of the website for top search engine web rankings. Nowadays Link Popularity is being considered to be the most important process for the search engine optimization. Good ranks are completely impossible without the effective Link Popularity Plan.

There are some Link Popularity methods:

Link popularity can be done through different methods like:

Reciprocal Link Exchange among websites

Posting messages of your website to the various message boards and guest books

Publishing article about your website or company in other websites. To increase the Link Popularity it is necessary to conduct the Link Exchange Program:

The First and foremost step of this program is to look out for the websites that are relatively equal to that of your site. It means to exchange the links with the sites which have the same purpose of work.

Always exchange the Link with the Higher Google PR of 4.

Check the details of the site with which exchange process are going on.

Create an HTML page in which the details of the link partners should be mentioned.

Prepare a link code of the website that you would have to submit or send through a form to the perspective partner.

Most importantly try to get more inbound links rather than outbound links for your site.

After preparing the Link code approach to the perspective link partners through Email.

Lastly submit these Link Pages to the Search Engines- Google.

Through these steps one can easily increase the Link Popularity of the site.

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