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The Best Kept Web Site Marketing Secret
By Charlie Cook

If you have a web site that's not pulling in prospects and sales, I have a marketing secret to share with you. Your sales and profits will increase as soon as you apply it. Whether you're marketing on the web, in print or in person, you are guaranteed to improve your web site marketing and make more sales.

Here it is; people buy from you when you give them what they want. Sounds obvious, but most people don't apply this secret to their online and offline marketing.

Many people think that the quickest way to improve their web site marketing and increase sales is to convince or 'sell' more prospects. Trying to convince people to buy your products and services is hard, not much fun and rarely works. In fact, this approach repels the majority of people who may actually want the products and services you provide.

Your prospects are like you; they want and need to buy services and products, but hardly anyone wants to 'be sold'. When a prospect reads your brochure or visits your web site, they are thinking about their needs and desires. Once you focus your marketing on giving your prospects what they want, you'll see a leap in responses and in sales.

Think about your products and services. Why do people want them? What's the first and most important concern your prospects have? What are their secondary concerns? Can you help them solve each of these problems and get what they want?

Look at your ads, brochures, or website. Ask yourself the same questions prospects ask themselves when they view your web site marketing materials;

- What is in it for me?

- Does the first sentence give me a reason to keep reading?

- Does the photo make me believe this firm has what I want?

What is the most prominent element on the home page of your web site or the cover of your brochure? In most cases, it will be your company’s name. Does your company name describe your prospects' biggest concern? Does it give them a reason to believe you have what they want?

Imagine you wanted to open a new bank account in your hometown. On Main Street you see two banks with large signs in the windows.

Bank A's sign says – AMERICA’S FINEST SINCE 1950


Which one would you choose? Bank B grabs your attention by talking about the services and results that meet your needs. They’ve made the sale.

There are dozens of reasons people buy. You may hire a business coach to help you make more money, a personal trainer to become a better golfer or tennis player. You may buy a new computer to increase your company’s productivity or a high definition TV to give yourself greater viewing enjoyment. Identify the reasons people buy your products and services and it's like finding the key to sales.

What's the biggest secret to attracting all the clients you want?

Stop trying to convince your prospects to buy and instead focus on giving them what they want. Once they see you as helping them, they’ll help you by buying your products and services.

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