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Get E-mail in your own Domain Name   

 Bronze Pack
Own Domain Name
4  email accounts
2 MB storage space
Total Price: Rs 1,200/ year

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 Silver Pack
Own Domain Name
7  email accounts
5 MB storage space

Total Price: Rs 1,700/ year

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 Gold Pack
Own Domain Name
14  email accounts
10 MB storage space
Total Price: Rs 2,500/ year

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 Platinum Pack
Own Domain Name
32  email accounts
25 MB storage space
Total Price: Rs 4,800/ year

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WebNetworks Super Pack
Sub Domain Name
2  email accounts
2 MB storage space
Total Price: Rs 500/ year

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Note: Email accounts can be added with the addition of Rs 50 for each email account and storage space can be added in addition of Rs 200 for 1 MB. If you are not satisfied with any of the above mentioned packs, we also have a customized packs.

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A electronic mail which send and received by the help of computer is known as email. It is very fast and reliable service. So, now a days many people around the world use this service.

The email addresses provided by the ISP's and other website's are either very difficult to remember or very difficult to access as it takes very longer time to configure open a mailbox. To overcome these problems, WebNetworks provides a email address in the customer's own name/domain names or in the name of corporate or organizations which is very easy to access and very fast. The  service provided by WebNetorks includes:

Personal email address
like will help to develop  your own personality and also will be  very memorable to you and your friends.

Home users email address like will be very useful to whole family or home users as they all can have their email address in their own name and surname.

Business email addresses like or etc will be very useful to show an identity of your company. This email can be used by you, your employees, dealers, branch offices and your business associates.

WebNetworks also Plans to provide email service in own domain in very cheap price. The email address will be like and You will not need to open the website to check your email as in Hotmail, Yahoo and other email service providers. We provide you a POP Mail account which can easily be accessed through the software like Outlook Express from any place around the world.

You will get  your Emails in your own name/domain names.

Like in free e-mail accounts your account will not be expired even though it is not used for long time

Your email address will be protected by spam protection so that  you will not receive Junk mails in your mailbox

You can access your email from any place of  world at any time like in Hotmail & Yahoo as a webmail

You can Check your email from any Internet Service Provider     around the world.

You will get unlimitedEmail forwarding, Auto-responders and mailing lists.

You will get easy Web based Cpanels to create and  manage your email accounts.

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